Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Lesson 12

Today we continued working on our projects.  We were not able to project anything on the screen, so there was no blog.  But I thought I'd write what we did so that everyone would remember.

We had a substitute, so I should report to Mrs. Gibbs that the students were very well behaved.  A couple of people in each class have finished the PPT.  

Things that we discussed today primarily involved the communication phase of Internet reading.  (Remember our posters?  1. Question; 2. Locate; 3. Evaluate; 4. Synthesize; 5. Communicate. )  Students who were collaborating on projects needed to share information for the different slides, so we practice emailing information to one another.  We also talked about paraphrasing information from Web sites to avoid plagiarism.

I hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving!  Ms. Jackie & I will be in Austin, TX for a conference the week after the break, so we'll see you the first week in December!

Ms. Angie

P.S. Thanks for doing such great work in class on Tuesday! =o)

Monday, November 19, 2007

Lesson 11

Today we will begin with a challenge activity that will help us know if you are learning the things that we would like you to know about reading on the Internet. Ms. Gibbs plans to use this for a grade, so do your best work. Please work on your own on this activity.

After you complete the challenge activity, please work on your Canadian Rockies Survival Guide PowerPoint. If you have not found your four Web site source, please work on that first. Don't forget to evaluate your sources to make sure they do not have bias; if you need help, just click on the "Help With Evaluation" link that is in the upper righthand corner of this blog (under helpful links). Once you have four good, reliable sources, begin working on your slides.

We appreciate all your hard work!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Lesson 10

Today, we'll continue working on the Survival Project. Mrs. Gibbs will
put you into groups - you may work in groups of 2 or 4.

1. With your pair or group, decide if you have one good website to answer each of the four survival questions: what to eat; how to build a shelter; how to build a fire; how to deal with bears. If you don't have a web source for each question, work together to find some!

2. You and your partner(s) will need to each work on one of the questions - using the website as a source, create a slide that answers the question.

3. Create a slide that answers the question you used when you did your search. Look at Mrs. Gibbs example (How to Catch a Fish) to get ideas of how you can write information text.

4. Raise your hand if you need help!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Lesson 9: Survival Guide

On Tuesday, we worked a little with writing searchable questions before looking for answers online. Remember that a good question will have a TOPIC and a FOCUS. The topic and focus of a question will help you decide on your keywords to enter into the search box of the search engine.

Today, we're going to try to find websites that would be good sources of information for completing your Survival Guide powerpoint. First, let's talk about when you need to scan for information and when you need to read more carefully. We'll do an example together, and then you can work in pairs to find sources for the four questions you'll need to address in this project.

Instructions for today:

  1. Please work in pairs to find a really good website that will help you answer each of the following four questions.
  2. When you've found a good website, copy the url (web address) into the Word document that you started on Tuesday.
  3. Paste the url beside the question that you've written to address food, shelter, fire, and bears.
  4. Good luck!

If I am stranded in the Canadian Rockies:

What will I eat?
How will I build a shelter?
How will I start and maintain a fire?
How will I deal with bears?

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Lesson 8

From Lesson 8 Powerpoint

Question and Locate It all begins here

I. What do you want to know?

Have a clear question

Whats the topic?

Whats the focus?

<> KEYWORD = Topic + Focus

Example 1

Where can I stay in the Canadian Rockies?

Topic: Canadian Rockies

Focus: accommodations

Keyword Search = Canadian Rockies accommodations


Example 2

Whats the weather like in the Canadian Rockies?

Topic: ???

Focus: ???

Keyword Search: ???

Lets work one together

Slide 2 has to do with food:

What would you eat if you were stranded in the Canadian Rockies?

Please open a Word Doc

Put in your name and your partners name.

Date and 2nd or 6th period



<> Focus

Please save to English folder in Survival File

Think in pairs:

What is your SPECIFIC question about what you would eat if you were stranded in the Canadian Rockies?

Open a Word doc and write some possible questions.

Hint: Think about edible plants and animals

From Question to Keywords

Have a question? Good!

Locate an article

Enter your keywords into a search engine.

What did the results page turn up?

Look at the titles

Read the descriptions

Decide on a page to check out

Is this the right website?


Look at the headings does it have the sort of info we want?

Check out the links, pictures, sidebars where would my info be?

Is this the right website?


Read through carefully for the info you need.

Decide what youll use

Decide how to present it