Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Lesson 33 March 18, 2008

Today, after reviewing what you've learned about propaganda,
your challenge is to create your own propaganda poster and upload
it onto your home drive. At the end of class, we'll put them up on the
screen and see what sorts of propaganda techniques you've learned to

Here are your instructions:

1. Brainstorm with your partner the topic you want for your poster.
Look at the handout for suggestions.

2. Brainstorm with your partner the words you will include on your
poster. You may want to come up with a title, a tagline, and/or instructions
as we discussed in the mini-lesson.

3. Brainstorm with your partner the images you want to include on
your poster. Think about fonts and colors, size and proportion as well!

4. Using PowerPoint or Publisher (you decide) design your poster.

5. Upload your finished poster to your home drive so that we can put
it up on the screen. Be sure your name and your partner's name is in
the file name.

6. Write any strategies you've found to be useful on the back of your
notes sheet. We'll share them later.

We'll be around to help if you need it...

Can't wait to see what you come up with!

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