Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Lesson 34 March 20, 2008

When you return from Spring Break, you'll begin reading a novel called The Cay.
In order to give you some background knowledge about the setting of the book, we're going to spend this last class together before the break to do a scavenger hunt.

Mrs. Gibbs will place you into groups or pairs.
You will each have a scavenger hunt handout.
Please put your names on the handout and decide how you want to divide up the task of finding the answers to the 20 questions listed there.

Remember to use your best strategies for searching and locating information, because you're working hard to try to get as many answered as possible before the class ends.

Be sure to find RELIABLE sites - the questions are a little tricky, but you can do this!

Good Luck!!

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