Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Lessons 29 and 30

My Name:____________________________________ 2nd or 6th?

Lesson 29: Dust Bowl Newspaper Article – March 3, 2008

Structure of a Newspaper Article:

l ______Headline____________ – The title of the article.

l _________Byline____________– Name of person who wrote the article.

l ______Dateline________________– city/state/country where article was written.

l ________Hook________________- Short, interesting sentence that makes the reader

WANT TO read the article.

l ______Lead______________- Summarize the 5 W’s:

___Who_____, _____What________, ____When___________, ______Where___,

__________Why_______ AND _________How______________

Second/Third/Fourth paragraphs

1. Give __________important___ ______details_________ __first_____

2. Include one or two ____direct ________quotes______

3. Put the ___least___ ______important______details____last________

Last paragraph

1. ___Wrap_____ ___it___ _____up____ in an interesting way.

2. Make sure all pictures or figures have a ___ caption__________

General Notes

1. Write in the third person (he, she, it, they)

2. Be objective -- never state your opinion.

3. Use quotes to express others' opinions.

Writing your Dust Bowl Article!


2. Sources: (look on your notes sheet or write them here…)

3. Organize your paragraphs:

Use the boxes on the back of this page to:

a. Write the 5W’s in the first box

b. Write important details in the second box

c. Write less important details in the third box

4. Open your Word document (DustBowlArticle)

a. Begin to write your article from your notes

b. Proofread your article

c. Ask your elbow partner to read it

d. Ask a teacher to read it.

e. Make changes as needed

5. Find a picture or figure or map

a. Copy it onto the Word Document

b. Write a caption for the picture or figure.

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