Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Lesson 35 - The Cay Project

Today, you will think of something you would like to do if you ever visited Curacao.  Think of a business that you would truly enjoy visiting.  For example, you might select a hotel or restaurant.  Maybe you're the more adventurous type and would prefer to go scuba diving.  Imagine that you have one chance to visit any business you want.

STEP 1: Use your guided notes page to brainstorm three types of businesses that you'd like to visit.

STEP 2: Write in keywords that you can use to find these businesses in a search engine.

STEP 3: Browse the Internet looking for sites on really good businesses that you might visit.  Select a business and write the URLs for sites that give you information about this business on your guided notes page.

STEP 4: Take notes from the Web pages. using your guided notes chart.

On Thursday, you will create an ad for this business using the propaganda strategies we've been studying in class.

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