Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Lesson 36 April 3rd, 2008

Writing an Advertisement

1. Go online to research a business in Curacao that you'd like to write an advertisement for.

2. Using the Lesson 35 handout, complete the sections for brainstorming, thinking of keywords, searching for a business, choosing a business, and taking notes on the business.

3. When the Lesson 35 handout is completed, use the Lesson 36 handout to write sentence for each of the following propaganda techniques:

a. Testimonial - a quote from an expert

b. Name Calling - an "us versus them" mentality

c. Bandwagon - everyone's doing it/going there - don't be left out!

4. Choose the your favorite of the above three sentences - the testimonial, the name calling, or the bandwagon and post it as a comment to this blog.

Include your name and your partner's name

State the name of the business and what kind of business it is (Ex. Sarah's Lane - a gift shop)

Post your favorite propaganda sentence

5. We'll read and discuss your posts at the end of class.

6. Be sure to remember any strategies you learned so that we can share them!

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